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Re: So Lost - August 27th 2010, 12:02 AM

Many people are not equipped to help or understand people with depression or other mental health issues. They can be seen as something you should just "get over" rather than a deep personal issue that requires a lot of support and assistance. Especially if they are close to you it might be hard for them to understand or acknowledge that you have these issues. They don't want you to feel bad.

People will miss you if you are gone. They may not show it now, but they will. I agree with ArcAngel; your family, your friends -- they will most definitely miss you. Most of all, the future will miss you. Every choice, every action has a ripple effect. Every positive thing you do in your life has an impact much more far reaching than the obvious reactions. Those you influence will generally in turn help other people and your positive influence can have a world-wide impact. Good intentions are infectious.