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Re: What do I do now towards recovery?????? I promise no weightloss products or pills (won't buy) - August 29th 2010, 02:32 PM

You definitely need someone who is qualified to help you like a therapist or a psychiatrist. They can help find out where all your issues are rooted so you can understand and alleviate them.

One thing you can try to work on yourself right now is your self-image. Remind yourself of the following:

You are beautiful.
Gaining weight will not change the immutable fact that you are beautiful.
It is okay to gain weight to get back to being healthy.
It is good to be healthy.

It may not sound very convincing now, but it can help. I had a friend who struggled with an ED. She actually personified it by calling it Ed, like the name. It was a long and difficult road but now she's back within a healthy weight range and maintaining it. Both her and the other friends who had struggled with it and won are both better off for it. They are actually more attractive now than they were before, as you will be.

Being healthy not only helps you live better but it can contribute to making you more beautiful. Not only will you be able to fill out a variety of cute clothes more readily but since you'll be eating right your complexion can improve, your hair will get shiner and more vibrant, and your general attitude can perk up. All these things are things you can look forward to.