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Re: Eating less lately... - September 9th 2010, 07:56 AM

Maybe you should try new foods, you may find you like a change and then you can eat healthier. If your mum only makes rice, ask her to make something else. If I was given rice everyday for tea I would start biffing it too.
Also, try and tell your mum not to buy as much junk food. She can stock the cupboard up with healthier foods, and then you wont be tempted, and some of the lower fat foods actually taste really nice. Also breads and that, you can do lots with a bit of bread, bake it with spaghetti and cheese on it!! Crackers are good, Marmite/Vegemite goes well on crackers, and there you go, you have a healthy snack.
I wouldn't say you have an eating disorder though, I wouldnt even say you have disordered eating because really, it just seems as though you are sick of the same foods, but of course we never get sick of junk food! :P

PS...I LOVE Subway!