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Re: Chemistry Majors needed, help me understand... - September 14th 2010, 04:03 PM

Originally Posted by LittleMiss View Post
So, the 'outermost' electrons i.e. the ones with the most energy, require the lowest ionisation energy. Those would be the highest in the sequence eg. in 1s2|2s2|2p6|3s1, the 3s1 requires the lowest energy to become excited whereas electrons in the 1s state would require far more because they have little energy?

I think I'm gonna get a tutor for this
Someone who can draw me diagrams and squiggles etc.
pretty much
also the lower energy electrons experience a lot greater nuclear attraction as they're closer to the nucleus, and electron shielding reduces the attractions to the outer electrons.

My college gave people free 1-to-1 tuition if they were struggling, maybe look into something like that? I tried it for maths and didn't find it particularly helpful but I know people who found it a lifesaver.

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