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Re: Sex Education in Public Schools - September 22nd 2010, 10:12 PM

Originally Posted by Elfy View Post
Well, some people are going to have sex anyway so they should at least be taught how to do it safely and given access to contraceptives once they reach the legal age. I know my school has Sexions come in every week and people with C Cards can go and get free condoms.

However, I also think it should be emphasisied that the only sure way to not get pregnant or catch STDs is from not having sex.
I agree with this. I think abstinence should be taught but not the only thing that is empahsized. I don't believe in the abstinence ONLY approach but abstinence preferred (to me) means that abstinence is taught and it is explained that it is the only sure fire way to prevent pregnancy and STD's (although I am sure you meant abstinence ONLY?).

Anyway, I learned about everything in school but it was explained that abstinence was the sure fire way to prevent everything where as condoms and birth control helped with prevention.

However, I learned about the consequences from my older brother. He was a father at 17 and got some STD's. So I realized I never wanted to fall into that category, hence the reason I abstained during high school.

So, I guess I believe in a little bit of both? Consequences need to be taught but it needs to be emphasized that abstinence is a sure fire method of prevention where as the others are not.