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Re: drugs, lies & bad experiences. - October 4th 2010, 02:44 AM

Hey there!

Okay, so we are so on the same page it's ridiculous! I'm not into drugs either, but most of my friends are, and I am currently dating a guy who swears he is done with them. I want to trust him because he gives me no reason not to and doesn't lie to me, but my past relationship makes me nervous and paranoid about the issue.

Right now, trust is #1. The most important thing. If he is lying to you, that is reason to end the relationship. Period. You do not deserve to have to deal with that...especially when there are good guys who could better please you in that way. I understand he is important to you and not just something to throw away, but you need to recognize that you deserve better. I suggest you give him one more chance and if you catch him lying again, end it. And let him know that you will. Stick to your guns. If he lies to you, he is not worth even a minute of your time.

Feel free to PM me if you want to talk more! Good luck and keep your head up!! (:

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