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Re: Life in 90 Questions - October 7th 2010, 07:55 AM

1. What was the highlight of your week?
Getting my restricted license!

2. Whose car were you in last?

3. When is the next time you will kiss someone?
No Idea

4. What color shirt are you wearing?
Um wearing onesies (all in one pjs) they are a cheetah pattern but pink not orange.

5. How long is your hair?
Umm just medium.

6. Are you good looking?
Hell no!

7. Last movie you watched?
Wild Hogs

8. Who were you with?
My mum!

9. Last thing you ate?
Ice Cream

10. Last thing you drank?

11. When was the last time you had your heart broken?
Not sure!

12. Who came over last?
Neighbour lol!

13. Are you happy right now?

14. What did you say last?
No no not at all, I was just wondering

15. Where is your phone?
Cell? In the kitchen on the windowsill, damn signal...or lack of

16. What color are your eyes?

17. Are you left-handed?

18. Spell your name without vowels:

19. Do you have any pets?
Yes, a rabbit!

20. Favorite Vacation?
Gold Coast

21. What do you dislike currently?
Carrots...I cut up sooo many yesterday and I am sick of the sight of them!

22. What are you listening to?
The TV

23. If you could have one thing right now what would it be?

24. What is your favorite scent?
Umm I really dont know!

25. Who makes you happiest?
My mum!

26. What were you doing at midnight last night?

27. When is your birthday?
August 31st

28. Who has the same phone as you?

29. Last time you went swimming in a pool?
Ages ago!

30. Do you read your horoscope?
Rarely, if my friends are looking at it I will, but otherwise no way!

31. Where was the last place you bought something?
Today at the supermarket!

32. How do you feel about your hair right now?
Its wet :P

33. Do you bite your nails?

34. Do you have any expensive jewelery?
Yes, but given to me as a gift...I didn't buy it!

35. Do you have any expensive jewelery?
Double up :P

36. Myspace or facebook?

37. How fast have you driven a car?
About 100 km/h

38. Have you ever smoked?

39. What was or is your favorite subject in school?
Economics I think

40. Do you have Verizon?

41. What type of boy or girl do you usually fall for?
A decent, kind and sweet looking guy :P

42. Do you have any hidden talents?
Juggling :P

43. Favorite Song?
Way too many!

44. Do you like to sing at all?
Yes but not in front of people!

45. Dream Job?
Paramedic or Surgeon

46. Where does most of your family live?
Well my mum's half is in the UK, my dads is all Kiwi (NZ) so half UK half NZ

47. Are you an only child or do you have siblings?
Only child!

48. Would you consider yourself to be spoiled?
Not really

49. What was the first thing you thought when you woke up?
What day is it?

50. Do you drink?
Not alcohol!

51. Know any other languages?
American, British and Australian :P

52. Ever write a coded message?

53. Have you ever been IN a wedding?
Yep flower girl!

54. Do you have any children?
NO I AM 16!

55. Did you take a nap today?

56. Who has the same birthday as you?

57. Ever met anyone famous before?
Nah not really famous

58. Do you want to be famous one day?
Umm to some extent yea would be nice.

59. Any Pet Peeves?
Don't know!

60. Are you multitasking right now?
Yea, doing this and watching coronation street!

61. Do you like Britany Spears?
Not particularly, but I dont hate her!

62. What is your least favorite chore?
Vacuuming, I dont mind chores so long as you can see a difference...vacuuming, well unless there is an actual mess on the floor, the carpet looks the same afterwards as it did before.

63. Last place you drove your car?

64. Ever been out of the country?

65. Where were you born?
Queen Mary Hospital

66. Could you handle being in the military?

67. What is your average cell phone bill?
$10 a month

68. Who are you thinking about right now?

69. When was the last time you laughed REALLY hard?
Today when walking out of the hospital!

70. How many pairs of shoes do you own?
Too many!

71. Are your toes always painted?

72. How many piercings do you have?
2 (one in each ear lobe)

73. What are you doing today?
Nothing much else its 8pm

74. Have you ever been gambling?
Umm no

75. When is the last time you updated your page?
Um not sure!

76. Do you like rollercoasters?
Love them

77. Have you ever been to disneyland or world?

78. Do you have a favorite cartoon character?
Not reallyl

79. Last thing you cooked?
Chicken curry pasta...yea it was one of those add water and simmer on the stove haha!

80. Hows the weather?
Warming up nicely

81. Do you e-mail?

82. Whats the stupidest thing you ever did with your cell phone?
Left the camera on for hours, wondered why my battery was suddenly so low!

83. Last time you were sick?
Umm, August 2008!

84. What states have you lived in?
None, im from NZ

85. Do you wish you could move?
Noo way!

86. Do you take all the quizzes?
Umm nope, im bored though I will check it out!

87. What is your dream car?
Echo :P

88. Have you ever wanted someone you cant have?
Umm maybe!

89. If you could be anywhere right now where would it be?
In Australia!

90. Are you happy with your life?
At the moment yes, in general I think I ruined it a bit.