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Creepy? - October 11th 2010, 02:56 AM

Hey, I haven't been to these forums in a long time but lately something has been bothering on the campus of my university and I just had a completely random idea. I wanted to run it past these forums to see if it would come across as creepy or if you have a suggestion on what i could do.

Basically as of late I have noticed an increasingly larger number of students upset to the point of crying, most often they are walking by themselves but on a phone tlaking to someone. I myself just recently dropped out of my previous major due to grades and lack of interest only to find a major more suited to me that I am far more interested in but I know what they are going through.

It feels like the world itself is caving in around you and that you are going to live your life forever in some horrible minimum wage job because you weren't smart enough to just buckle down and do the work as much as you disliked it.

When this happened to me I just wanted someone to talk to someone who would listen to me without judgement about what I have done wrong.

Now here is my idea, basically all I am going to do is carry around something that would remind someone of their childhood. Something simple and cheap like a capri-sun and on it I would attach a note saying something encouraging like "In tough times, remember your childhood. its going to be o.k. just take life one step at a time. If you want to talk I am always in the undergraduate library from x:xx to x:xx studying on (insert days of week)."

I could probably word that message better but you get what I mean. It is just something to make them stop and think. Something to help them calm down and remind them that life doesn't have to be so stressful.

Now imagine you're walking out of the building of your major on the phone close to crying or crying and some random guy walks up to you and hands you a capri-sun with that note on it smiles and walks away.

Would that be entirely creepy or what could I do that wouldn't be creepy because I personally wouldn't feel too creeped out but I myself am a guy so I don't know how a girl might react to this.

I really want to do something like this even if it ends up helping just 1 person a tiny bit.