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Re: boy trouble - January 8th 2009, 06:44 PM

Please use spaces and please use the English language. It hurt me to read that.

1) You like this guy
2) You don't know to show him or tell him
3) You think he see's you more as a friend or a sister than a girlfriend.

Well this is simple, flirt with him. Don't ask him and don't tell him, doing things like this only erases attraction. Be flirting, joke around with him, get close to him. Get physical.

Lean on him, try and hold is arm / lean on his shoulder. Just get physical with him and that does not mean sexual acts at all. I mean litrally touching him.

Touch is one of the best ways you can work out if a person is attracted to you, because they will soon stop you if they do not enjoy it.

More than anything speak to him. Make him laugh, see if he makes you laugh. If he's trying to make you laugh theres a good chance he likes you too.