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my good for nothing brother - October 15th 2010, 06:35 AM

I have this douchebag of a brother and thing is, he was actually meant to be in university but since his a failure in life, he failed the exam to actually get in the uni. And he actually went to Germany (where the uni is) to do the exam and all and spent 3 months there and i was so HAPPY he was finally gone!!!!! but now his back because, like i said before, his a failure.
so now his going to england but thats in JANUARY!!!! thats so long and he makes my life a living hell! he makes me cry like every single day. im not even joking here. verbally and physically. im seriously mentally scarred because of him. once he a put a KING SIZED BED on me...and i was like 11 or 12.
and he dosent even respect my privacy. he just goes on my computer and looks through my files and same with my phone, camera and ipod. and he also just barges into my room. im a 14 year old girl and i need some respect and privacy. what dosent he get?
my family always take his side. ALWAYS. even if his saying bad things about me. and my dad wont even get me a laptop! i mean i kind of need one now since i write like 3 essays each week. but my brother got a laptop at my age.
his actually 18 but acts like a 8 year old.
i've always believed that things happen for a reason, but why on earth did he happen?

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