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Re: my good for nothing brother - October 16th 2010, 03:25 AM

I can totally relate. I have three younger brothers and I hate when my family favors them over me. But theres not much you can do. Have you explained to your parents about how he hurts you physically? thats NOT okay. Hes 18. your 14. and the Privacy thing, i can relate to that aswell. Im the only girl in a house of a bunch of guys. Lets be honest (no offense guys!), they dont get it. Girls need privacy.

Maybe your brother actually was struggling and thats why hes failed the test. try to talk to him. Maybe he needs someone totalk to. maybe hes going through a rough time.

It doesnt justify his behaviors at all, but It may help explain why hes acting the ay he does. get some answers at least. And as his little sister, he shouldnt be treating you like this.

If talking doesnt go over well, or you dont feel comfortalbe talking, write a letter. To your parents, brother, anyone you feel has the power to help or change things but they dont.

In order for people to understand how you feel ad find ways to help you, they have to be able to really hear it. Knock it into their heads. How badly you hurt from your brothers words and actions.

Unfortunatley, at 14 theres not much you can do other than try to get people to listen..

Im always here if you need advice or just need someone to vent to. itll be okay<3

"Be kinder than necessary, for everyone is fighting some kind of battle." <3

Feel free to PM/VM me if you ever need someone to talk to, or just want someone to listen. I'm also always up for making new friends.