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Re: "To fat to drive a bus" - October 16th 2010, 07:01 AM

Originally Posted by Strawberries View Post

That is what you put. My point is she WAS denied because of her weight as well. If she had weighed less, her BMI would have been less.
I'm glad you pasted something else I said but did you fail to read the very next sentence?

"Actually, she wasn't denied it because of her weight. She was denied it because her BMI was over [Edit] and BMI is not based solely on weight but also height. "

Read the article. It says if the employee has a BMI of over [Edit], they are not allowed to work. Therefore, it was the combination of her height and her weight (thus her BMI) that prevented her from working. I'm aware the ladies mentioned their weight because they cant change their height, only their weight. So why should they bother about mentioning their height? It'd only be a concern if they were too short but since they were working there, they obviously weren't. Which is more feasible to change: height or weight? Answer is weight. What is confusing about this?

Originally Posted by emma01 View Post

Okay what I mean is BMI basically tells you whether you are the right weight for your yes you type in your height to determine what weight you should be, but if you get two people, one 5'3 and one 5'6 who LOOK the same, their BMI will be the same.
"Looks" aren't reliable. They can "look" the same and have the same waist circumference yet may not weigh the same. "Looks" are meaningless, it's the weight that's important. Measuring "fat content" cant be done by simply "looks" either.

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