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What does 'emo' even mean? - November 5th 2010, 03:13 AM

Today when I was in homeroom, the kid who sits in front of me called a kid we go to school with emo. Without thinking about it I sorta yelled at him. One of the things I said to him was, "What does emo even mean Brandon? It's a type of music, a style of clothes, NOT a person!" He didn't answer me, but pointed to a boy named Sam. Sam is the kid who comes to school, shows scars and new cuts. He does that and enjoys being called emo. I don't do anything for him, he calls himself that. But when I hear the expression "She's acting so emo!" I yell at that person. Now kids have started to call me emo, and some kids have gone as far to say "Why don't you just go hang yourself with your suicidal friends?". I don't act like the depressed girl, and I guess half the time I'm not. Half the time I'm fighting against the(excuse my French) bitches and bastards who call people emo. No one would believe that I'd be a girl who could fall under the "emo" category(by their standards, not mine). My question is, what does emo even mean? I know that it's short for emotional, and teenagers use it as a term for someone who cuts themself, but does it really mean anything?

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