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Re: continue applying for MA? - please help - November 6th 2010, 05:25 PM

Originally Posted by her_beautiful_mistake View Post
They're not all public school dominated at all! Many have 75%+ state school and it is just the general environment that I went for.. the colleges like Trinity and Jesus? Just not the environment I would want to live in, work in, stay in longer than a week. I picked where I would be happy not where the prettiest buildings are. Another thing to think of is that different colleges have different requirements and are more/less flexible on different things. I cannot see Jesus or Trinity being flexible about the fact you don't knowl a classical language. Just for the love of god pick one for reasons other than the buildings because really they do not matter. Are there even unattractive colleges to start with? And if you're living in Oxford even if you don't live in Trinity or Jesus it doesn't stop you going there to see the buildings. Think about the fact you are going to have to live/study there for X amount of time. That's all the advice I have for you, and to be frank any respect I had has pretty much disappeared. What would you say at interview when they said 'this college'?!

The buildings are a big deal to me and I'd be a lot happier in a pretty building. I can see you don't understand it, but try and understand my reasoning I've outlined. Its a huge thing for me.

Secondly, I don't really care for public school people or state school people. There's wankers and nice people in all social groups - and from my upbringing and status in my head there really isn't much difference between a middle class person and a public school person.

The college doesnt make a difference for the MA, and if Prof. Lloyd reckons I'd stand a chance with Trinity, everywhere else except Magadalen could be considered?