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Re: ouch - November 22nd 2010, 01:30 AM

A lot of us are that way, where someone says we're strong, and we deny it. Being strong means you can still get back up and go on with life. We always want someone with us, a companion to lean on.

I'm currently on one of my downer stages and getting through it slowly with a good friend of mine, it does help to talk to someone about any problems that you have.

Sometimes a little bit of crying isn't enough. Getting really emotional about something and crying about everything usually helps me, so then I can think rationally.

I hope you get through this and I'm here to talk if you need to.

I'm here to help, and more.
If you need a hug, I got one.
If you need to rant, I listen.
If you need to cry, my shoulder is open.
If you just need a friend, I am there.

If you can't reach me here, feel free to e-mail me or message me on yahoo. ^_^
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