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Update after a messed up day - December 8th 2010, 12:41 AM

So today I just got so confused and disoriented. I arrived at my class 10 minutes late. This was because we had a short schedule today and I mixed up what time class started. So, I walked in and everyone was already seated and I said hi and they were all like 'Anne! Where have you been!' Apparently when i didn't show up to class they thought something was wrong and was searching the entire school for me. They searched hi and low and yet could not find me (i was with a teacher working on my thing for that club). Then i talked to the teacher in the hall and said i was thrown off and she said it was ok. By that point I was really upset at myself for being late. Since i couldn't go like normal to see the counselor at lunch, i had a 1:00 appointment. Five minutes after I got to the class that i was late for, I had to leave. I headed to the guidance center and stopped when i saw the counselor in the teachers lounge. I confirmed we had an appointment and she said yes but not for another hour. I was off again on time and I just started crying because I was getting so confused and messed up. She talked to me and then took me to the nurse where i remained the rest of that class. I was crying and had a tension headache from that. After that I went to my final class. But apparently, after i left to go to the counselor the teacher sent someone after me because the teacher realized i got the time wrong. But then they couldn't find me again (i was in the nurses by then). After another search they found out i was in the nurses. At the end of the day I was walking through the halls and someone was like, "Anne! We found you. Where have you been?" and this was a girl i do not normally talk to. But i told her what happened and we talked about how weird it was that the teacher freaked out that much. In conclusion, today was just a messed up day.

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