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Re: Morals - December 8th 2010, 02:14 AM

Originally Posted by TheNumber42 View Post
Who's to say that right isn't what is best for yourself and wrong is what is bad for yourself? Wouldn't this be a logical extension of the self-preservation instinct evolution bred into humanity?

The Aztecs killed thousands and thousands of people as sacrifices and modern organized criminals carry out hits as a regular occurrence, to name a couple examples of cultures where murder is seen as morally acceptable.

Again, morality is nothing more than a false construct that the human race developed.
Again, the Aztecs SCACRIFCED thousands of people, but again, they justified it. They needed the warm blood of humans to make sure that the fifth sun kept raising everyday. Would you rather scarifcie one life, or lose the entire sun. "The needs of the many outways the needs of the few, or the one." They self-justified it.

And even then, the scacrifice system had rules, regulations and stuff so that only certain people can do it to certain other people during certain times of the year during certain festivals. Outside of this, they would be generally peeved at you if you randomly kill some little girl on the street. Thus, they only sanction "murder" in certain situations, and not outside of them.

Mobsters organized hits as either a means of self-preservation or to send a strong message to other threatening groups (such as rival criminal orginazations or the feds). Again, self-justification keys in because they see killing one or two people as better then losing their reputation and thus their livelihood. It is better for them to kill a snitch or kill a few cops then for them to lose their paychecks and risk going to jail. And EVEN THEN, the Mob would generally be pissed at you if you go on an unwarranted killing spree. It'll bring too much heat to the Mob. And if you kill a fellow mobster, or dare you say, a high ranking officer, or the bosses family, I doubt that they are going to just shrug it off and say "It's part of our culture, forgetaboutit!" There WILL be repucussions...usually invloving you and the bottom of the Hudson. (forgive my bad mobster puns)

Again, few people actually willingly do actions they consider immoral, unless they are apeshit insane, like The Joker...

Originally Posted by Double X View Post
All societies consider certain actions wrong. But isn't that just a byproduct of society? I don't see how that is a moral absolute.
Considering that when you have more then two humans in the same general location with a common goal of some sort you have a society, It is impossible to have a culture without humans. Thus, anytime you have two+ humans in the room , you have a society, and where you have a soceity, you have commonly held beliefs and morals. Thus, when ever you have humans, you have commonly held beleifs and morals.

And again, I have yet to see anyone besides madmen do things that speciifcally go against a base code of morallity WITHOUT a justifiing motive. If you can find me a person that can murder someone without feeling the need to justify it in anyway, I will show you a lunatic.

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