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Re: Tired of this. - December 9th 2010, 05:15 AM

Hey Vanessa,
Well first of all congrast on going so far without SH...Sorry to hear the time is lost now but hey you have a record to break don't ya'!?!
I want to thank you on going to the teacher about this issue.So many suicides are commited by teens every year and they could have been prevented if they had the courage like you just to talk to somebody.I have tried to commit suicide and I cut for awhile but I have stopped completely, just know that you CAN DO IT and support is just a phone call or click of a key away!
I'm guessing your mom & dad really "doesn't understand" what you are going through... It has prob. been years since they have beeni in High School & prob. things have changed since they were kids!
I'm guessing that your mom & dad didn't know about the SHing/ suicial thoughts... just give them some time to get use to the idea that their daughter wants to end their life. :/
Hope what I said helped ,Vanesssa.
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