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One can take soo much! </3 - December 10th 2010, 03:09 AM

So i was havin a normal convo with my bf on the phone. He asks me if I still write stories (which i still do) and then he tells me that he has read one of my stories without my permission! I go onto sites like fanfiction and deviantart and basically write my feelings into a story. I let no one i kno, kno about these stories except for 2 ppl! I feel like my passion has went out the window! And now IM the one bein blamed for! For bein mad and "silly" about sumthin tht happned 2 yrs ago! I mean even tho if it was 2 yrs ago, it still makes me upset. Hes younger than me, and I got to remember that But still! Its like I can never have my own private life with him! And now here i am! sitting here crying, tired, upset, confused, and knowing that everything is MY fault. He wont talk to me and im scared cuz i dont want to loose him. What do I do? Was the way i reacted rly that silly?