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Re: All alone - December 17th 2010, 11:25 PM

i know how you feel i feel the same way at point in my life i speand most of my time in my room im only 16 thou and i live with my dad and step mom

i was taken away from my mom when i was lil she was on drugs and my step mom treats me so bad so im practically alone and i do the same thing look throu my phone for someone to call and find no one who will understand me you just got to hang in there you will find someone who loves you and will accept you for who you are if you ever ever need to talk pm or vm me because i know how much it hurts to be alone in this world hope u feel better feel free to pm or vm me i will try to get bak to u asap if you decide to talk

Life is too

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It at war with


Iím catching stars in the sky because I am fixing the soul within me. May it be from the heart a girl broke years ago or my soul simply repairing itself as it was shattered on my walk on this earth. May the stardust fill those cracks within my soul making me brand new, but never forgetting who I once was.