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Re: Taking Grammar out of Curriculum? - December 21st 2010, 11:43 PM

I didn't have a grammar class--or grammar mentioned whatsoever--throughout all of my high school years. For four years, we read books and poetry, and were required to write analytical papers regarding what we read. My junior and senior year I was in AP classes, whereas my freshman and sophomore year were "Advanced," or AP-prep classes.

I do find myself second guessing myself with 'affect' and 'effect,' sometimes. But those are the only 'commonly misused words' I second guess myself on. The effect is that it will affect me in some way. I know the difference, but it is one that I have to think about. Hah, I remember in high school a student asked the teacher what the difference was. The teacher did not even know. She had to look it up.

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