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Re: the holidays (somebody had to start it) - December 26th 2010, 05:31 AM

Originally Posted by sheissoweird View Post
Bulimia has stolen me some Christmas during past years, I know the feeling, all the 'forbidden foods' all around... it's so tempting, but if I learnt something during my nearly 5 months of abstinence, it's that eating slowly, feeling each bit of healthy food and this kind of food in special ocassions, healthy like fruit, non-greasy meat, fish and such has a good, different, lasting texture and flavour, while food like cakes end up tasting like flour with sugar, so they aren't tempting anymore. I'm not saying you have to avoid it, of course. At some points it's not that bad eating this kind of food, just notice the difference. First days it's hard to stop b-p, but being strong you'll go further, try not to be alone. After some time you'll look back and say 'If I've come this far when I thought I couldn't, it's not worth it ruining it now' it helps me everyday, because I won't say I'm cured, I fell into EDNOS (constantly dieting), but for now, I keep it not binging neither purging and hey, if I could, you can. Be strong xx
yeah i eat slowly too (i normally try to chew 50 times per bite because i heard thats the best for digestion, which its kind of ironic because i know ill probalby throw it up anyways). but yeah, i still like junk food (which junk food to me is anything that contains white flour, white sugar, fatty cheeses, high fructose corn syrup, hydrogenated oil, any sort of meat, most dairy products, etc.) the only one of those ive actually stuck to though is not eating meat (not one bite since i was 12). im really proud of that. the rest i need to learn how to not eat.