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Re: Confused - Fluid / Queer or Transgender - December 31st 2010, 06:34 AM

I have reason to believe that my family will not be accepting at all - but we barely have a relationship as it is, so I doubt it would make a big difference if they decide to stop associating with me after coming out. If they still want to keep a relationship with you, they'd have to be given time and a lot of patience; if they're dead set on their traditional beliefs and give no room whatsoever for your perspective, then sometimes it's best to just let them be. I've seen a decent mixture of both scenarios in other trans and/or GQ people.

There isn't anything wrong with being physically male, but with a feminine personality and interests - so, talking about female fashion is really perfectly okay. You might encounter the occasional cold shoulder here and there, but there is always going to be closed-minded people, right? I know an MTF person who dressed in skirts and wore long hair for years prior to coming out or transition, and said that most people were perfectly okay with it - so it is doable.

On a base level, increasing acceptance requires increased visibility. Most people are not actively discriminatory, their negative reactions are due to an innate fear of the unknown. If anything, just be yourself and hold your head high - let the world know that people like yourself do exist, and are regular human beings just like everyone else. By doing so, you are also an encouragement to those peers walking a similar path.
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