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Re: Confused - Fluid / Queer or Transgender - December 31st 2010, 05:42 PM

I know that my family will try to understand but my parents are not going to be as open as they can be. From the past, I know that my parents never talk about this issue and when they do it is not in the most positive way.

As you are rights there are always people who are close minded and we need to work on others to bring the issue to the public. Once that happens, others who are closed minded will not be able to look away but they will still try. Is it the case, that we need to work on getting a boarder public support or work on changing the people at top?

I really needed to hear that, and am happy that I can start to talk to people about Female Fashion in the future when I am around the right people. I will for sure hold my head high, and try to walk in the circles that really make me me.

The problem now is being able to find the right person to date which has always not found me well. I am not sure where to look or even how to start to find someone. Is there like a certain way? I always miss the signs if someone likes me. Also, I have always looked for a soulmate more than just dating anyone out there.

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