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HELP!! How do I record a SOUND? - January 6th 2011, 12:36 PM

Hi Everyone!!

I hope you're OK.

I need to record a SOUND. I have an old LaserDisc/Karaoke player that came with a microphone. GREAT. And it's hooked up to the amp I use for the TV. Also hooked up is a cassette player - which is also great - because I want to record the sound I need onto a cassette. The sound must be as clear as possible - but it can 'mono' for all I care.


Where should I plug in that microphone? Can I plug it into an RCA jack ON the back of the cassette player [Or someplace else?] even though the microphone is not an RCA jack itself? [Do you know what I mean?]

GBH - Craig!!

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