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Re: On The Fence - February 5th 2011, 11:48 PM

Hey there,

I want to apologize for the late reply to your thread! I am sorry you are feeling so down. I definitely know where you are coming from. You have to remember though that different stores aren't going to have the same sizes. Some stores run a bit smaller then normal, where as others might run a bit bigger. Also, you say that you are gaining weight, but still working out? You are more than likely building up muscle mass, which weighs more then fat. I have a problem with that as well, I weight more then I look because I have so much muscle mass. It can be a bit deceiving. The most important this is that you are staying healthy. If you feel healthy, you are going to look healthy. You are going to feel better overall. Really, that is the goal here right?

I think that is important that you do not slip into an eating disorder. They're nasty addictions. It's not something that will make you feel better. I used to think that being "skinnier" and having an ED would solve all my problem. It actually made things a lot worse. I felt worse about myself then I initially did. Besides, from being Bulimic, I developed acid reflux, which resulted in ulcers. I have a hard time swallowing. It's just not fun. I think that you should reach out to friends. I know they don't understand, but can they listen to you? Even someone to listen to you vent would be helpful. Is there anyone that you turn to? A relative, or a teacher? Or maybe the guidance counselor at school? I really liked my guidance counselor help. I would even consider professional help. It is something to think about!

Hope this helped!

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