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Re: New Laptop? Netbook? - February 6th 2011, 10:01 PM

Thanks for the fast reply.

Honestly, although I do spend a lot of time on my laptop, all I do is surf the internet, IM/email and listen to music/look at pictures and videos. So a netbook probably would be suitable. And I can still keep my current laptop in case I decide to play my old Harry Potter games or something.

- Right now, I don't have a huge amount of money so I wouldn't be willing to go much over about 250 at most, and even then, only if I had to.
- Like I said above, mostly internet/IM and music, pictures and videos.
- I don't know anything about laptop power or anything like that.
- My only preference would be that I can do the things I usually do on it and that it's not pink.

I am at college but only until June, I'm not sure what I'm doing next year so I'll definitely have to look into that, thanks!

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