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Re: Stupid crap you've done :) - February 15th 2011, 07:29 PM

Well i actually have two things that are at the top of my list of stupid things i have done, it was Febuary 2007 and i was waiting by my classroom(i will point out that this was in high school when i was in 9th grade and i was indoors!) right after lunch for class to start and when it was time for class to start I thought the classroom door was open and i sort of ran/power walked and I smacked my head on the door so hard that my teacher actually heard it and opened the door and asked me what happened, I told her and all she did was laugh at me, my head started hurting, and she wouldnt let me go to the nurses for ice so i asked the other teacher in my classroom and she said yes, i eventually went to the doctor and found out i had a concussion, see the doors at my high school are made out of reinforced steel but they look like heavy wooden doors. I had a bump on my forehead the size of an egg.
The second stupidest thing I did was around spring of 2007/2008 I tripped but before falling I was able to stop myself by slamming my right foot down, and for two weeks my leg was sort of sore, so I finally went to the doctor because I had tripped again, and it made things worse.
I got an x-ray and found out I had a closed full fracture(in other words I snapped my bone, like when you break a crayon and it ends up in two pieces) I snapped my tibia and the bone actually popped out of place and without even knowing it I popped it back into place myself. now I know your all asking how can I do that without even feeling it, well see because of my genetic disorder (neurofibromatosis) I have a lot of chronic pain so in order to keep me from being in pain I am on 2 very strong pain medications and one other pain medication but not as strong as the other 2 so because of those medicines masking the pain I had no idea I had a broken tibia and was walking on a broken leg/ankle for two weeks,
Those are the two stupidest things I have ever done

I was born with a genetic disorder called neurofibromatosis, it causes tumors to grow in my body on nerves,my spine,and under my skin. I have a tumor in the thalamus region of my brain. I also have heartburn,hypothyroidism and secondary adrenal insufficiency these are under control with medication.
I also have hip dysplasia and scoliosis.

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