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Re: Im doubtful with this girl - February 15th 2011, 09:09 PM

Originally Posted by Acheron View Post
Welcome to the friend zone. When a girl starts talking to you about other guys that she's crushing on, it's the kiss of death. You get to be her neutered orbiter. You could ask her out, sure, or tell her how much you like her. But the "confession" is never a great way to go, and asking her to the movies will just look friendly. Chances are, she at least suspects you like her. Girls are better at picking up on that than you give them credit for. And the fact that you've just sat on it has shot holes in your attractiveness to her.

But let's say you don't want to call her a lost cause. It'll take some doing, but there's one way to work it. Turn to the Dark Side. The trick to getting girls is to make them chase you. Now, it isn't easy getting a female friend to chase you, but it can be done. First thing you do is back off her. There's no need to stop talking to her entirely, but cut your interaction with her way down. Second, start hanging out with other girls. You've said some of them are interested. Use that. Doesn't matter if you're interested or not. Take them out on dates, make out with them in hallways, whatever. It doesn't matter if you like them or not. This'll teach you two things. First: that your crush isn't that special. Other girls have what she has. Second: the power of jealousy and reputation. Backing off on your crush and "replacing" her with other girls will bring her running back to you. Just make sure the other girls are attractive: dumpster-diving will just degrade your value even further.
Wow that has to be the best thing ive heard all day, so very very true, i have to agree 100% with this!!

There is only one way ive found and thats to be a constant and reliable friend, in the end she might see what is right next to her