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Re: How fast do you type? - February 24th 2011, 08:28 PM

It's hard to tell because we may compare our type speeds to those displayed on type tests, but if you really think about it...they aren't as accurate as they should be. I think there's many variables that need to be considered in type tests. Here's why:

1. The main thing is that we have to read from the screen, interpret the message in our brains, and then type it. If we were just free typing, like we are now, we interpret our message while typing.
2. Because it's reading from a screen, everyone reads at a different rate. If someone reads slow and they take a typing test, they will try to read fast and thus not only make reading mistakes, but spelling and punctuation mistakes as well. And an authentic type test will penalize you for errors. The more errors, the harder it is to get a good score. So typing tests really only benefit from people who can read fast and be able to multi task better. A slower reader may be able to type faster than a fast reader, so I don't think it's an accurate way to judge how fast someone types. The results are very flexible.

3. When we use words in repetition, our minds will adjust to them. I don't often say "astronaut" because it's not in my daily vocabulary. I could be able to type a 10 letter word faster than a 6 letter word if I'm used to saying the 10 letter word more often than the 6. Again, not very accurate if you think about it.

4. Someone may have better motor skills than other people. If I make a mistake, it may take me longer to recognize that I made an error later than someone else. So if I'm typing something and I get a word wrong, it's possible that I could be typing another word after that and end up deleting not only the correct word, but the incorrect word. Again, it's inaccurate.

I'm willing to bet that we type MUCH faster on a chat room than we do reading from something because you're reading off of someone else's ideas rather than coming up with your own. Those are just a few examples...I could've also included other things like keyboard malfunctions, the temperature in your room, things that are distracting you, etc. According to a test, I type 70+ words a minute but like BMI, I'm gonna say that it's just a number that means absolutely nothing.
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