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Re: Chain mail - February 25th 2011, 12:50 PM

i read them and delte them i once got this really nasty chain mail which i opened with the title 'read this its cute' so i read it and to start with it was kind of cute but then the last bit was ' if you dont not pass this on i will come into room tonight and get you' i told my mum and showed it to her, she told me it was aload of crap and i was not to worry or pass it on, so i didnt and to tell the truth that night i was pretty damn frightened to sleep in case it came true because i didnt pass the chain mail on. to be honest i feel that chain mail is aload of shit, the amount of times i've had chain mail telling me if you dont pass this on you will die. i now just think yeah whatever bring it on and leave it at that as i know they're not real, but like others have said some of them do freak me out abit.

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