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Catch the Pigeon - February 26th 2011, 07:39 PM

Sooo today after work, I dropped into Dublin City Centre to see mother dearest at work. She works in a shop in the city. She told me there was a pigeon with a limp leg, and a broken wing outside, and the animal shelter doesn't have an emergency service on Saturdays. So we decided I'd take him to the shelter, across the city, myself.

She found a box, lined it with newspapers and got rubber gloves. The pigeon had disappeared! So we walked up and down a crowded street shouting at each other: "See the pigeon yet?!". We gave up, and went into the shop again. I was leaving about 20 minutes later to go home and lo and behold - the pigeon was sitting at the door nomming some bread. So we got the box again, donned rubber gloves and went at him. We tried to lift him but the bugger kept flying off. He could only fly about a foot and drop again. After twenty minutes running around Dublin city with a box, chasing a pigeon, we gave up. I burst out laughing at the entire ordeal.

So yeah, that's my slightly odd, humorous story for today ^-^

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