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Re: I just got the iphone4! - February 26th 2011, 10:38 PM

I'm an iPhone user myself, I've had the iPhone4 since September, replacing the iPhone 3G I'd been using for 2.5 years. Only problem after 2.5 years was a small crack in the plastic back cover.

As far as breaking down goes, the one I've been using was pretty hard to break. The 3G I had... It's seen some rough times. It has fallen off my desk several times, once dropped it on a stone floor from 3.5 feet high, it once flew out of my pocket while running unexpectedly, right onto some gravel and it has survived water, after I tipped over a glass right next to it. My girlfriend has been using it ever since, without any breaking down, only small flaw is that the lock button on top is starting to malfunction more and more.

I've never had any insurance on my phones, but then I treat the iPhone4 more gently and have a cover around it for general protection.

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