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Re: Relapse and Starting - March 2nd 2011, 09:58 AM

Hey there.

I know that sometimes self harm seems like the only way to deal with thoughts and emotions, but it's not. Here's a list of alternatives to self harm; be aware that not every one will work for every person - it's a matter of figuring out what works for you. If you try one and it doesn't help, try another!

Have you tried talking to anyone about this? Friends, relatives, a therapist? It's usually not helpful to keep all this bottled up, and talking to someone can be a helpful, safe release.

You could try figuring out what makes you act this way. What are you feeling when you do this? Why are you feeling that? Isolating negative thoughts and emotions is the first step in overcoming them. Once you know what they are, and where they come from, you can start to deal with them.

Take care, and good luck.

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