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Re: Help? - March 3rd 2011, 04:39 AM

I had a serious problem with this for a very very long time, and on occasions, I still do.

What I found was that there was a lot of things in myself that I repressed that led to it. When you are troubled, and in times when you need the most help, it isn't found, or nobody wants to listen, or they think you're abnormal. Or they just don't like being associated with people like that.

First, you need to confront your feelings. You need to realize what your feeling. Tell yourself what you're feeling and why you feel these emotions.

I agree, this site ensures anonymity. So if you feel you can't talk about it, type it out. Whenever you anything coming up, you can post, and when you post, you get replies, so that way, you find ways of figuring out problems or coping with them. This makes you feel more confident and open up more.

Hope that helped! Take care
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