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it's not why you think - March 7th 2011, 11:45 PM

why is everyone so convinced that the only reason someone would be suicidal is because they hate themselves? i do NOT hate myself. I am an amazing, beautiful, strong, perfect person. why does no one else see that? honestly i dont understand why everyones against me loving myself. whats so wrong with being honest and not doubting who i am?

mom, when you read this, you can just fucking piss off. youve done nothing good for me, TeenHelp has done far more for me than you ever have. you are just like Beba, you dont consider what i want or need, only what you want me to want or need. Im sick of living with so much hate. every day i wonder what it would be like to finally be with god.

and thats not my fault! for once, look inside YOURself for the answers, dont try to lay the blame on me. I am NOT the problem here! Its because of YOU that i have lost hope for my life. i will never believe otherwise.

so whenever i do go to summerland, be it now or later, you can just know that i have always loved and accepted myself, even when you never did.