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Re: Dreads? - March 10th 2011, 08:07 AM

There are loads of different methods...

Twist and Rip
Twist and Pin
Brush Rubbing
Dread Braiding

Google will tell you about all of them...

Most commonly, amongst my friends anyway is the back combing technique. Take a small section of hair, twist it from the root tightly then back comb that twist from the root down and back up. Little hair band on the end will keep it together for the early stages.

You don't HAVE to cut your hair, I've known people to seriously condition their hair and they have eventually managed to release the hair. But, their hair was relatively short and not left in the best condition.

You can and should wash your dreads, but it's best to use special shampoos that don't leave a residue because that effects the dreads.