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why me? more like why us! - March 11th 2011, 06:21 PM

once again somebody STOLE our credit card number, it happend once with our other bank and this is like the 3rd time it happened with the bank that the card number was stolen from, so this other bank credit card we have the number was stolen AGAIN and the person who stole it spent OVER A THOUSAND DOLLARS! the bank caught it called us today, it happened yesterday, and as far as my mom told me the card has been shut off. please pray for us and please pray the person is caught and put in jail

I was born with a genetic disorder called neurofibromatosis, it causes tumors to grow in my body on nerves,my spine,and under my skin. I have a tumor in the thalamus region of my brain. I also have heartburn,hypothyroidism and secondary adrenal insufficiency these are under control with medication.
I also have hip dysplasia and scoliosis.

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