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Unhappy DOES HE LIKE ME?? - March 11th 2011, 07:56 PM

ok so im homeschooled and ever since 4th grade i have been going to a study group at my local church and ever since i remember there has been this guy who always seems to be staring at in 5th grade i sat in front of him and whenever i would look behind me he would always stare at me and he wouldn't look now since i started going to the teen study group the class is arranged different and i sit at a table with my freinds in the back and he sits 2 tables in front of me,and whenever i glance over at his table he is staring at me.and a couple weeks ago one of my guy freinds was sitting at my table and the guy who is always staring at me (nick) came over and sat at the table and my guy freind was like i dont want you sitting here and he kinda of snickered in my direction as if he was impling that he doesnt want nick by me.then last week my guy freind was at nicks table and nick was going to sit down and my guy freind said go sit over there and pointed in my direction.and 2 weeks ago our teacher said something about loving someone and nick pointed in my direction (cuz the teacher asked us if we loved someone in this room or something like that).so do you think he likes me? sorry for the loooong post.

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