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Re: Stupid crap you've done :) - March 12th 2011, 06:34 AM

Well...I do a lot of stupid things but here are a few:
-when I was like 8 I was jumping on a trampoline with my brother and I jumped too high went flying off the trampoline and went head first into some very big blocks of wood
-on the first day of GLBT Pride Weekend 2009 I was walking around Pride with my girlfriend and my foot slipped off the side walk. I broke my ankle (you could hear it snap) and I wouldn't go to the hospital until Pride was over the next day. My ankle was the size of a softball, was black and blue, and hurt like hell but I stick it out until the end of the next day. I even rode a michanical bull during Pride with a broken ankle.
-I have night blindness, one night our power went out and I was trying to go around get something out of my dads room, my sister told me to take a candle with me but I was like "no, I'll be okay" well when I was coming out of the room I didn't feel around for the door and I went face first into the door frame. All my sister could do was laugh. I had a big bump on my head for like 4 days.

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