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Re: why me? more like why us! - March 12th 2011, 07:19 PM

Originally Posted by Satine View Post
Ouch! You really have my deepest sympathy.

If it's any help, my other half worked for a bank for 7 years and he is well-aware of how lax banks can be with old paper records. Perhaps that is the problem? Have you considered going with another bank?
Originally Posted by mIssIng:nO View Post
How did you manage to get your credit card number jacked 3 times?
Originally Posted by FlyingTrue View Post
When this happened, did your bank simply cancel the card and reissue a new one, or did they completely close and reopen the account with a different number? If they only did the former, the account is still vulnerable. When this type of thing happens, the account should be closed to completely kill any ties with the compromised information, for example the card number might be different but the account itself remains the same.
Satine we are with two different banks ank you it does help. what does he say about BECU? because thats the bank card that had the number jacked we had ONE time with bank of america.

Missing;no, i honestly do not know we are always careful.

FlyingTrue we had the account closed then as far as i know it was reopened, so i will talk to my parents about this, sadine it would be nice to know what your other half thinks and what he knows about BECU because if they are no good then we need to cut off our service and close our accounts with them.

and to everybody thank you for your support, I thank God we don't have to pay the charges and the bank says the card was being used in a foreign country. my dad usually travels overseas and has done so a few times, but didnt use the particular card, to the places he went. again i thank you all for your support and sympathy, I know we don't have to pay for the charges but my dad flies at night and is gone for two weeks or a week or even more, my mom also works but she works in a garden nursery from March until the beginning of August. both my parents work very hard, and the fact that this happened to us really angered me,but i am thankful for everything good that has happened. again for the third time i thank you all for your advice,support and sympathy, it really has helped me feel better about this situation

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