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Re: Boyfriend found my Livejournal. - March 15th 2011, 06:34 PM

STOP being so unreasonable!

If you put something on the internet and allow it to be available to the public, then you should expect people whom you know in real life can find that info, too.

Besides, you would allow millions of people on the web to see it but not your boyfriend?

Do you realize how contradictory it is? It's like you put your underwears on the front door and then get mad at your friends because they see it.

For heaven's sake, you were the one who made it publicly available in the first place. The fact that so many posts in this thread--including two Helplink Mentors--agreed with you is ridiculous as well.

I would be mad if he does stuffs like these (or similar):

1. He installs a keylogger on your computer and set it to stealth mode,
2. The keylogger will record all of your keystrokes (which would include all of your usernames and passwords), take a screenshot every time you click, and other stuffs (like browser history logs, IM monitoring [can include monitoring Facebook chat, skype, msn, yahoo, etc.], etc.).
3. Now, he can have a lot of fun with those info, like he uses the collected info to compromise all of your online accounts.
DNS configuration:
1. He opens an account on OpenDNS or a similar service.
2. He changes your DNS configuration so that your connection will go through OpenDNS's server.
3. Viola! Now he knows where you go on the web and he pretty much have absolute control over what website you can visit and what website you cannot (e.g. He could easily block you from accessing TeenHelp).
Change computer password:
1. He creates a bootable USB flash drive running Linux OS (e.g. Portable Ubuntu).
2. He used it to crack through your Windows password AND change it to something, leaving you unable to log into your computer.
3. Or, if he doesn't want to lock you out, then since he has full access to your computer using this method, he could easily install keylogger and change your DNS configuration, or use tools like Cain and Abel or OphCrack to dig out your passwords.
Insecure networks
1. He could trick you into using an insecure wifi (like at the library, a cafe, school, etc.)
2. Then he can use tools like Firesheep to get into your online accounts like Facebook, Teenhelp, etc.
(I believe Livejournal has a secure server [you can recognize it by the https in your address bar, as opposed to http] so Firesheep wouldn't work on it.)

Should I list more? Basically, if he crack through information that you have set to private (e.g. only you can view it), then yes, I would understand why you would be mad. But publicly available info? No, you are the one at fault.

Anyhow, point is that if he wanted to "snoop around," then your computer would have been pretty much under his control by now--and he didn't even need to learn to write programs. This is partially why we should NEVER let anyone touch our computer, and why we should always use secure connection when we can.

If you put information onto the internet and allows everyone to view it, then that would INCLUDE everyone whom you know in real life as well.

If you don't want to be found online, then do NOT let yourself be found on search engines (e.g. don't use your real names). If you want a private space to write out your feelings, then SET IT AS PRIVATE! Getting mad at him for finding you on Google is ridiculous!

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