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Re: Boyfriend found my Livejournal. - March 16th 2011, 05:26 PM

Originally Posted by ~Constance~ View Post
Keady, if its to gain anything to fuel an arguement, I'd consider it snooping.
Anything that's said on the internet can be used to fuel an argument. Even if someone looked on your livejournal, you wouldn't always be able to prove that their intention was to fuel an argument. Ultimately, you're saying that looking at someone else's LiveJournal, or any other blog, is considered snooping. If that's the case, there's nothing wrong with snooping. When you put something on the internet, you're sacrificing a certain amount of privacy. If you allow other people to look at your journal by making it public, why can't your boyfriend? If it's really a big deal, you should stick to writing in a diary and deleting your LiveJournal because as long as someone has a public blog, I'm going to look at it regardless of whether they want me to or not.