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Re: Boyfriend found my Livejournal. - March 16th 2011, 07:40 PM

Originally Posted by Glitter View Post
She isn't mad that he found her journal. she is mad at his intentions to snoop. It goes beyond him actually finding the journal. It's that he broke trust, and doesn't trust her. Thus he snooped.
And hence, the difference between our ways of thinking.

How you managed to interpret this as "I am not mad at his action; I am just mad at his intention" is beyond me:
Thurineth said,
"I've just deleted it, there was nothing on there. I'm just really annoyed. We had an arguement and because of this he goes trying to snoop around to find my online journal and it wouldnt surprise me if he found here..."

Plus, she specifically said this:
Thurineth said,
"Apparently he did not know that this was snooping... I think google searches with my name, frequent usernames and websites account for snooping...."

How you managed to interpret that as "I am not mad at his action; I am just mad at his intention" is beyond me, too.
On these mind-reading stuffs, I have to admit that we males pale in comparison to female. Unfortunately we cannot read minds

Anyhow, our point is that searching, reading, or finding publicly available information is not snooping. Snooping is when he specifically target information that you have set to private.

And let's say that she really only pissed at his intention. I took this into account and also made a specific point here in this post: Don't assume another person's intention by deducing from your own would-be intentions.

If it is the case, then she didn't care why he did it nor did she bothers to find out; she assumed that was his intention and blast him for it. I still don't see how she is in the right here.

It kind of like the time when I was accused of checking out the girls' breasts when I only look at the darn name tags.

Next, you made a double standards on "trust." Why don't you consider the fact that she was the one who didn't trust him in the first place? She was the one who assumed that he had bad intention in the first place. Where's the trust in that?

Originally Posted by ~Constance~ View Post
What I'm trying to say. I never put anything on the internet about it (excluding this post of course) but it was the intentions I was annoyed at. Yes things can be used, anything can be used, but looking things up for that sole purpose?
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