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Dragonball movie.. *drool* - February 22nd 2009, 05:27 PM

I know I will sound like such a fan boi, but last night I went to see that movie call Paul Blart: Mall Cop(funny but not that funny to be worth paying for it by the way), and during the previews they showed a clip for the upcoming Street Fighter movie, and when I thought iit could get any better, right after that ST preview they showed a clip for... DRAGONBALL EVOLUTION!!!

'ZOMGWTFBBQROLFLOLZZZ!!!!111!!!one!!111eleven!!!' is what me and a few other people in the audience said after the preview was done. I don't believe I was ever as excited over a preview as how I was last night. I mean I had heard that in japan they did some TV show of DB with real people(or maybe it was a movie?) and then I heard rumors about a DB north american movie being made but I thought it was only a joke or it was a fan made movie.

Feel free to do this after reading my message.