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Re: Deep Depression - March 25th 2011, 04:11 PM


You know deep-down that it wouldn't be worth it to kill yourself. Has your therapist started a new course of treatment since we last talked? Recovery from mental illnesses, whether it be Depression, or something else, takes time. Sometimes, a lot of time, and you just have to stick with it, so things will be better one day.

As far as your boyfriend goes, I'm pretty sure he had some idea of what to expect when he got into the relationship. Frankly, if he can't handle you "complaining to him", I'd imagine he'd part ways. Honestly, he's probably just a bit frustrated because he can't help you as much as he'd like to. Believe me, my boyfriend is the same way, and sometimes he gets so upset over it. When you love someone, they mean everything to you, and seeing them in pain can, in turn, cause you pain.

Maybe you should sit down and talk to your boyfriend in a non-complaining manner, just letting him know how much it means to you that you can talk to him and such. If you show your gratitude, it'll at least re-assure him that any efforts he makes, anything he listens to, etc. isn't an absolute lost cause.

Also, talk to your doctor/therapist/whomever about your emotions. Everything you tell them helps with the diagnostic process, and helps with treatment.

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