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i have a friend.. - March 26th 2011, 06:29 AM

i have a friend.. and she's sorta my best friend. we became close this yr. things changed though.
my problem started at a sleepover, we've had them before and nothing ever happened BUT one in particular we kissed.
-come to think of it i'm not sure if this should go in a diff. thread?-
it was her first kiss, but my first bi curious moment? you see i've kissed guys b4 so that wasn't my issue and she's certain since she was young she's bi so i guess that's not her issue, or if she has an issue?? 0.o i think it's just me.
After it happened i acted wierd, no matter how badly i wanted to stop acting wierd, i just acted wierd. she didn't change though!
A diff friend lost his group of friends so i started spending time with him. To be honest, it partly was because i was acting wierd and couldn't snap out of it, i was tired of it and thought some space might help.
My bestfriend didn't like the new friend i was hanging out with.
Then, i decided to talk to her and explain that she is my bestfriend and i was trying to help him through his hard time, and i also talked to her about us kissing.
Basically, she doesn't like me, didn't get any feelings for me, didn't really care much for it. I reacted with happiness but i still felt like something was wrong, or the friendship was going down in flames.
Now, she has a new friend named Jessica whom i'm jelous of because my friend spends all her time with her.
Today she wouldn't talk to me and i knew something was wrong, she started crying in class.
How do i get over what happpened at the sleepover? And any outside idea why i was acting wierd? How do i get my friend to be my friend again, like, back to normal? And lastly, any suggestions about figuring out your sexuality without kissing girls?