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Re: never even dreamed I would resort to this :( - April 7th 2011, 06:36 PM

Hey Blue,

Don't be so hard on yourself, everybody has slip-ups sometimes, and they are always going to seem really hard at the time. The fact that it was a slip-up though is the great thing. That you're not continuing to do it, and you just keep doing it. You've slipped-up, and it's not something that you'd usually do so you just need to accept that you did, and focus on recovering from that moment, and just refraining from it again.

They happen to all of us, and it's only a mistake. You and I both know that you are stronger than what happened. Sometimes anger and frustration can bring out the worst in us.

In case you feel that way again, definitely look into some alternatives so that you'll be better prepared.

It's okay, don't be so hard on yourself.

If you ever want to talk more, just message me.
I'm always open to talking.

-Kaylaaa Marie.

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