Thread: Non-PG13 (Strong Language): Women + Sex = obliterating a great day..!?
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Re: Women + Sex = obliterating a great day..!? - April 9th 2011, 04:41 AM

Instead of posting questions on a bloody forum how about all of you just say it plain out for once to the person you're wondering about. Unless what you think you're going to say is bad, which it hasn't. So far it's been: "I feel like I should do the moral thing and tell her everything about how I feel, resulting in both of us losing a bond that USED to be there, one of us still wanting to keep that bond.

You know what? Spending some time apart from each other may make you realize how much you want her, or how much she doesn't want you.

Just quit asking for naiive and corrupted people's opinions on what YOUR life should be doing. We learn from our mistakes, what's the point of living if you never mess up in your fucking life.

I hate mine, I stopped doing wrong things at a very early age and stopped making mistakes, I want to die and that's quite simply how to put it.

Take some goddam risk and just lay it all out to her, even show her this bloody thread if you're not good with words.