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Re: Can't unblock my hotmail account. - April 11th 2011, 08:41 PM

If it were me, rather than worry about that email account, I would be more worry about my own computer and my passwords--and potentially my credit card and bank info as well, if I ever typed it before.

Are you sure that your computer is free of keylogger?
If you have a keylogger installed on your computer, then everything you type would be send to the owner of the keylogger, including your usernames and passwords, and potentially your financial info.

Do you use the same password for EVERY single site you sign up to?
If yes, that's dumb. (No, mods, don't edit this. It is very dumb to use the same password everywhere; I don't plan to sugar-coat this action.) Anyhow, you should change them immediately after you have checked that your computer is free of keyloggers.

Yes, that means go now and change your TeenHelp's password, too, if you have made sure that your computer is free of keylogger.

Is the password even strong in the first place?
Stronger passwords make it harder to crack it with brute-force password-cracking techniques. Make sure that your new password is at least 12-character long, including both letters and numbers (special characters are fine, too, if possible), and cannot be found in the dictionary.

Now, after all that has been done. Then the recovery of the email account can take place now.